This week! Reading at The New Group: Nonfatal Terminal Velocity


As part of The New Group/New Works monthly reading series, Evan is participating in a reading of Nonfatal Terminal Velocity by Michael Trottier, directed by Ian Morgan.

“Small town New England. Four juniors at Trinity Catholic High School find their relationships painfully disrupted when two male best friends become lovers. A beautifully observed and insightful look at teen upheaval.”

Tuesday, December 10th at 7pm
Studio Theatre at Theatre Row, 4th Floor

For tickets and more information on The New Group, click here.

Must-See: Soul Travel Workshop @ Incubator Arts Short Form 2013

Soul Travel Workshop, a devised project Evan collaborated on earlier this summer, is showing this weekend at Incubator Arts Project. Director-performer Chip Rodgers has continued to develop the project and will perform this incarnation of the piece this weekend as the culmination of the Short Form 2013 program.

“Chip and Evan, two best friends, underwent Past-Life Regression Therapy. They meditated, held séances, surfed the Internet, and read tarot cards. They conjured up a ghost in Chip’s apartment. They talked a lot about themselves, and about their messed-up relationship. They talked about love, sex, religion, death, and the unknown. Alone, Chip now conjures up his past in a solo performance-journal made with the fragmentary recordings of their sessions. It’s about his life. The life he could have had. The one he might have next. And the next one. And the next. And the next.”

Promo Video:

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Casting Announcement: Peter and the Starcatcher (Off-Broadway)

PeterlogoEvan has recently joined the company of Peter and the Starcatcher at New World Stages.  Evan will take over as understudy to Peter, Prentiss, Ted, Fighting Prawn, and Capt. Scott, and couldn’t be more thrilled to step on board this fantastic production.

He can be seen as Peter/Boy in all performances from Monday, Sept. 30 – Sunday, Oct. 6.

For more information on Peter and the Starcatcher (including tickets), visit

The REEL thing

It’s been a long time in the making, but Evan now has a new demo reel!

Check it:

You can also view the new clips on the Reel page by clicking here.

Short Form 2013!



Evan and Chip are attempting to resurrect their past lives. The two best friends document their findings as they visit psychics, meditate, hold séances, undergo hypnotherapy and psychoanalysis, and learn just as much about their own messed-up relationship as the ones they might have had.



Evan and collaborator Chip Rodgers have been accepted into Incubator Arts Project’s Short Form program for 2013.

“Short Form is an interdisciplinary forum for artists who are looking to explore new forms and styles in a community based workshop and performance situation. This program gives artists from a variety of backgrounds including theater, performance art, dance and installation, the opportunity to each create a small repertoire of four 10-minute performances that are thematically connected, but independent pieces of art. Where a short story has necessary structural differences from a novel, we are interested in exploring what similar structural changes and necessities arise in compressed durational theater.

In early April, four artists/groups will be chosen to work in parallel for four months. Approximately each month beginning in May, the artists will present a new short work to the general public in the Parish Hall of St. Mark’s Church. The artists will also meet once a month to share with each other and the program curators their aesthetic and technical plans as well as discuss the previous month’s showing. Artists will then take time to work on a culmination piece that is presented upstairs in November at the Incubator Arts Project as part of a Short Form Festival where each artist will perform 40-60 minutes of work that came out of the Short Form forum.”


Their first performance took place on Saturday, May 25th, and they look forward to next month’s installation on Saturday, June 29th at 10pm. All performances are in the Parish Hall of St. Mark’s Church, beneath the IAP theater. $6 at the door!

For more info on Short Form and the other participating artists, check the Incubator Arts Project’s site here:

Evan has a new headshot!

Updated Headshot – Jeremy Folmer Photography


Special thanks to Jeremy Folmer for a beautiful shot. Check out his website and gallery here.

Casting Announced: ‘Elektra’ at The Bushwick Starr


Written and Directed by Chip Rodgers

ELEKTRA: Eliza Bent
ORESTES: Danny Krueger
KRYSOTHEMIS: Lauren Blumenfeld
PYLADES: Evan Johnson
CHORUS: Arielle Lever

In Elektra, writer/director Chip Rodgers vaguely remembers and refracts the original myth to examine the tragedy of what it means to grow up inside your own head, justifying every decision with millions of stupid, mundane, and self-destructive reasons for things that don’t matter. Killing your mom is pretty dangerous, I think, maybe just as much as staying up late and finishing off that box of Oreos.

Join Evan and the Elektra cast at The Bushwick Starr on Monday, February 25th.  8pm.

For more information on The Bushwick Starr and The Starr Reading Series, click here.