This Week: A Presentation by the People of Lake Victory for Our Leader


Evan is thrilled to join the cast of Ethan Fishbane & Jay Eisenberg’s latest production!

Currently in performance, “A Presentation…” is

“A series of rehearsals and scenes of daily life by the people of the farming village of Lake Victory in preparation for the arrival of their great leader. The tenants of the showcased farming town will present song, dance, and facets of their everyday life as part of their upcoming showing for their leader’s arrival. The people invite guests to preview what they will share with their upcoming honored guest.”

Remaining performances:

Fri, May 30   8pm
Sat, May 31   2pm
Sat, May 31   8pm

The Assembly Hall at Judson Memorial Church
239 Thompson Street

Tickets ($12 in advance & at door)

For more information on cast and frequent updates, visit the Facebook page here.