Must-See: Soul Travel Workshop @ Incubator Arts Short Form 2013

Soul Travel Workshop, a devised project Evan collaborated on earlier this summer, is showing this weekend at Incubator Arts Project. Director-performer Chip Rodgers has continued to develop the project and will perform this incarnation of the piece this weekend as the culmination of the Short Form 2013 program.

“Chip and Evan, two best friends, underwent Past-Life Regression Therapy. They meditated, held séances, surfed the Internet, and read tarot cards. They conjured up a ghost in Chip’s apartment. They talked a lot about themselves, and about their messed-up relationship. They talked about love, sex, religion, death, and the unknown. Alone, Chip now conjures up his past in a solo performance-journal made with the fragmentary recordings of their sessions. It’s about his life. The life he could have had. The one he might have next. And the next one. And the next. And the next.”

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