FRESH: “Please, Talk With Me”


Evan is pleased to announce that he has joined the cast of “Please, Talk With Me,” an independent feature film directed by Mara Katria.  Evan will play Sgt. Michael Parker in this paranormal thriller.  Already in post-production, the final filming will take place in mid-April in Central Pennsylvania.  

About the film:  “Please, talk with me” is a paranormal, independent film that will recreate the 1985 events surrounding the photograph that has become known across the internet as the ‘C2D1 Ghost.’ The film’s original working title was “Erie Hall.”

In the winter of 1985, strange occurrences began to transpire inside Erie Hall on the college campus at Geneseo, New York. Over a period of several months, a number of the students would have their lives forever altered by a series of paranormal events. Apparitions sighted, strange voices heard and moving objects witnessed all became part of the experience shared by these young adults now over twenty years ago. 

Through the considered efforts of several of these students, a recorded history now exists detailing the day-to-day terror that these young adults experienced. Photographs, voice recordings, scribbled notes and formal written journals all now serve to authenticate the events that unfolded around them.

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